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January 23, 2024


A Finnish startup developed a tool to support sustainability and tempt employees back to the office

A new commute and location analysis tool that allows brokers, real estate owners and companies of all sizes further analyze options for office space locations.

NoofLab saw a chance to develop a new kind of location analysis tool to ease the decision-making process on new office space locations - and took it. NoofLab introduces Optimizer to help brokers and companies better analyze different options when in the process of searching for the best office space. The goal was to develop a location tool that would be useful for smaller companies as well. 


“For employees to want to return to the office, we have to pick a location that is most convenient and accessible for them”, the founder and CEO of NoofLab, Jyrki Vaittinen, points out. He discovered the need for a tool like Optimizer when searching for office locations for a client company.


How does it work?


Optimizer calculates commuting times and distances from employees' homes to the potential office address while taking into account whether they are traveling by car, bike, public transport or walking. The result is an accurate analysis that presents the time and kilometers saved on commutes by different means of transportation, also recognizing the number of weekly office days per employee.


Optimizer is a tool that:


  • produces accurate data to back decisions about new office locations

  • supports companies in operating in a more sustainable and environmentally conscious way

  • allows decision-making from employees’ viewpoint, which makes it a useful tool for change management.

  • promotes efficient time management


NoofLab has concluded that data as a part of decision making in office search is a vital point for companies in today’s corporate world. “It is crucial to have analyzed data to back the decision on new locations to minimize resistance to change in the workplace”, Jyrki adds. 


NoofLab Oy


NoofLab, also known as Nordic Office Lab, is a company that specializes in office search and development of search assistance tools. The company’s mission is to bring data and technology as a part of the decision making process in companies’ office search.

Contact information


Jyrki Vaittinen, Founder & CEO

+358 40 703 1662

Find out more about Optimizer at

Download press release and images below:

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