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Working culture is changing and the premises needs of companies are changing rapidly along it. 
NoofLab, also known as Nordic Office Lab, is a company that specialises in office search and the development of search assistance tools.  Our mission is to improve the match between the demand and supply of premises by combining data and technology with unique services.

In Finland, we help companies looking for office spaces find the best options for all of their needs.


We are well aware of the changing needs of our customers. This is the knowledge we utilize to develop our tools. 

Please leave your contact information and we will tell you more about how you could gain a competitive advantage with our tools.





The uniqueness of NoofLab consists of passion, people and unique tools.

Jyrki uusi.jpg

Jyrki Vaittinen



More than two decades of experience in successfully growing businesses. Passion to build a customer-oriented service package for the office search market.

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Maija uusi.jpg

Maija Tuunanen

Office Search Consultant 

Passionate about finding the best possible options to meet clients' needs. Strong ability to multitask and systematically advance the office search for clients.

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Ali Ouzir

Junior Developer

A motivated junior developer, a key role in developing technology and data to support and help make the office search process easier for client companies.

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Nea Sulander

Presales Specialist

Efficient presales and marketing specialist with international experience. Passioned about marketing and making sure the sales process flows seamlessly.

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Katja Kojo

Member of the board

Creative expert in the premises market with extensive experience in the design and implementation of premises reform to meet modern needs. Founder of Innovation Home.

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Advisory team.


Jouni Alho

Member of the board

Real estate investor and developer with vast experience in the commercial real estate and housing market.

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Petra Erätuli-Kola

Board chairman

Premises market visionary with a strong insight into changes in market demand based on experience. Founder of Innovation Home.

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Markku Jääskeläien

Member of the board

Broad-spectrum real estate professional with track record on how to creatively a company and premises are combined into a successful business. Experience in significant real estate transactions as well.

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Kai Kousa

Technical Advisor

Battle hardened software professional who is unafraid of challenges. Especially enthusiastic about building & designing from technology to teams & processes.

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Contact us.

Is this the feeling when the premises or premises search tools do not meet your needs?


Contact us to get started:

Jyrki Vaittinen, CEO

+358 40 703 1662


Please submit your contact details and we will be in touch.

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